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Rules read or die Empty Rules read or die

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1. Go with your common sense! Don’t kill anyone of our own… Don’t do anything stupid… etc

2. Follow your directions! If you are to participate in a group led by SqdL, you must pay attention towards your SqdL at all time and follow each individual orders.

3. Respect the elders! All members must obey command of the higher ranking, even if he/she does not belong to your clan.

4. Keep it cool! I’m not going to ask you to keep it R rated, but no racial stuff… If arguments are bought up in the alliance chat started by you, it’s your fault no matter what, take it up pms!

5. Be helpful! If the clan is going to war, we expect you all to show up within the next 5 minutes, there’s no excuse, if you decline or fake to be AFK you may be dismissed.

6. On time! If you plan to participate in a group event such as Astral Tales, you MUST show up 30-60 minutes before the actual starting time.

7. For sale! If you use Alliance chat in purpose of selling anything, you must add a discount towards the item which you’re selling.

8. Chip in! All members are expected to turn all provisions to the Alliance master. All members must turn in all Steeding Beans to Marshal zethyn.

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