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Buff Club Rules

1. To be a member on the list below you have to donate the Tiger and Turtle Ice

As of now the members are........
- LadyLotus

If you donate a set of crystals and dont see your name on the list plz contact me, HotNCold, Sincerely, or Wishfull........

2. Member in the club have full access to the buff 24/7 that mean u could log on it any time u like for buff. If you don't have the info pm me. The account ign is ThreegBuff. Non-member pay 2g(alliance only), 3g for non-alliance or what ever we the committee decided the buff should be sell for. The buff should always stay with the buff girl, unless of special case define by the committee.

3. It EZ to sell it first set a vendor say "40one80both", these are deposit amount only charge to non-alliance member. Prices of deposit is base on Jaden exchange rate. 50g deposit is for trading one at the time, only give back the amount minus what u charge say 3g, give back 47. Please remember to change the AFK message to your ign main or what ever character you play most that day.

4. If u want to log in (club member only) please ask in alliance chat that you want buff or you want to log in it.....wait for a response. Better yet go on to ventrilo and ask people in ventrilo, they will know more then those who or not on ventrilo, those who abuse this will have us lock down on this new program
Evil or Very Mad

5. Take turn helping out selling the buff it only benefit you all. I up to who ever on the buff girl to decide to how he/she want to realm hop to sell buff, but if alliance need it you must finish what you are doing or tell the one who need buff how long it going to take you to sell the buff in an event of a big line to buy buff.

6. Paying costumer first, they are the reason that we all enjoy this buff club.........

7. Once you collect 30g or more mail it to TopSeller with your ign, also do this every time you log out. If people abuse this new program we will go back to lock down and you all know how suck it was. If we find that you are abusing the club u will be ban permanently this gold collection is to help the alliance not for your personal use. Evil or Very Mad


1st........HotNCold............189g <-------(poof) Suspect
2nd.......Nightwind...........120g <-------(still have 2hr 30min left) geek
3rd........disciple...............100g <-------(poof)

...........winner will get 100 Merit Incense or 22G, this will be done weekly so make sure you show me or disciple the gold you collected(officer cannot win the prize), mailing the gold to ProtoBuffs is a easier way to record your credit(only mail gold through the threegbuff girl) GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN cheers

...........we can change the prize if you all vote on it

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